About Me


I completed my veterinary degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010 concentrating in food animal medicine and veterinary public health.  After a brief spell in private practice, I joined the EpiGroup at University of Edinburgh to complete a PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology.  My thesis focused on using national livestock movement databases to understand patterns of disease transmission and to develop novel approaches to disease control in the British cattle industry.  Prior to joining Massey University in 2015, I worked as a research consultant on a large veterinary syndromic surveillance project at Texas A&M University and as a clinical staff veterinarian at two busy animal shelters in Philadelphia.


In my current role at EpiCentre, I am developing a new research programme around using molecular data to infer contact patterns in the cattle and poultry industries.  I am also leading research into designing more cost-effective national control programmes for diseases like bovine tuberculosis and bovine viral diarrhoea virus in collaboration with our industry partners.  Check out my research page for more details on current and completed projects.

Click here for my full academic CV.


When I am not in the office threatening to throw my computer out the window, you will most likely find me laboring away in the garden.  What started out as a small weekend project to build a flower bed around an unfortunately placed lemon tree has gradually turned into Extreme Garden Makeover: New Zealand edition.  It’s been fun watching the transformation of my backyard from barren wasteland to sub-tropical oasis, but it’s almost a full-time job staying ahead of the weeds and the neighbor’s cat.

BEFORE                                                    AFTER

My other hobbies include baking, running (mainly because of the baking), playing piano, reading any literature not structured into Abstract-Introduction-Methods-Results-Discussion, binge-watching entire crime drama series on Netflix, and plotting revenge on my peacefully sleeping cat for his 5am feed-me shenanigans.  I also have my New Zealand private pilots license and love getting out to explore the amazing countryside on the few days when it is not too wet or too windy to fly.